Do you sells animals in store?

Are pets allowed in store?

I don’t know which harness to get, can you help?

Do you deliver?

My dog has a sensitive stomach, can you recommend a food?

I want to feed my dog raw food, do you stock it?

I’ve just had a new kitten, what litter should i use?

Do you sell frozen foods for Reptiles and Birds of prey?

We have rabbits and guinea pigs, can we feed them the same food?


Unfortunately we do not sell any live animals in store, we only offer suppliers for your pets.


Yes, we are more than happy for customers to bring their pets in store. We have a lot of dogs who come in on a regular basis so owners can help socialise the dog and all dogs get a little treat at the till


We are happy to help you find the right harness, collar or coat for your pet. You are also welcome to bring them in store and a member of staff will help you fit them


Unfortunately we do not offer a delivery service, however if it is a large item you are purchasing and live local to the store please ask the members of staff working and we will do our best to get the product to you if possible.


We offer a variety of hypoallergenic foods for dogs allowing us to find a food that suits everyone. A sensitive stomach can be caused by many different ingredients depending on each individual dog. If you would like to come in store we can go through different options to find one that is suitable. We also offer some samples of certain brands.


Feeding the raw diet has grown massively popular over the last few years. We do Natures menu original, country hunter and their true instinct range which makes feeding raw incredibly easy. Along side this we also offer cheaper alternatives from local suppliers allowing you to create your own individual diets at home.


The litter that you use will depend entirely on your preference. Popular lines include Catsan and Felight as they as known for their odour reducing properties. However we have customers who prefer the wood base litters or the paper base litters as they are more environmentally friendly. However some cats can be fussy to what litter they will use so it may come down to trial and error on what works best for them.


All of our stores offer frozen foods for birds of prey and for Reptiles we offer both frozen and live. These are usually kept in freezers behind the tills at all stores, if you are interested, please ask a member of staff in store.


Rabbits and Guinea pigs have different nutritional needs which is why the foods are created separately. However when desperate rabbits can eat guinea pig food, but Guinea pigs should not be fed on the rabbit food diet as this will be lacking in the vitamin C that guinea pigs require.


Is your question not on this page? If so email us at Contact@PenparcPetCentre.co.uk and we will get back to you.